Speculation is rife that Archandra Tahar will be reappointed as Energy and Mineral Resources Minister after the government announced that Arcandra had regained his Indonesian citizenship.

Previously, acting of Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan said in public to proposed Achandra reappointment after the naturalization process is completed.

Luhut argued that Archandra expertise in offshore oil and gas development is needed in Indonesia.

Luhut said that with his knowledge and vast experience in the global oil and gas compay, Arcandra Tahar may be the right person to lead the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

Before Archandra officially appointed as the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, public has not known yet about his expertise and track record. Only after his appointment, the story depicted spectacular brilliance and international professional appeared in public.

State Secretary, Pratikno argued that President Jokowi appointed him as Minister because of his Professional and Expertise recorded as a world-class professionals.

Last position Achandra was a president director of Petroneering, a technology development and offshore engineering company based in Houston USA. Achandra actually is not a world-class since the Petroneering is not a world-class company.

Except in Houston USA, Petroneering has never operated in another country, as do world-class companies, like Chevron, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips US based company operating in other countries.

If the re-appointment decision as Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources because of world-class professional, the decision feared to be biased.

The decision of reappointment seems to be more costly for Jokowi’s cabinet. The blunder of citizenship case has imbedded a bad stigma, not only for Achandra but also for President Jokowi.

With the bad stigma, the re-appointment could be also blunder decision since the citizenship case could be potentially questioned again by certain parties at any time. It is no doubt the questioned his citizenship case will hinder the Jokowi cabinet’s works.

Beside, many politicians of two largest political factions in the House, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) and the Golkar Party, have opposed to the reappointment decision.

However, reappointing Arcandra could be politically costly for Jokowi’s administration so that the blunder returning Achandra decision must be declined.

By : Fahmy Radhi*
*Former Team Member of Oil and Gas Governance Reforms

Source : eksplorasi.co.id


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